Q: I hope I don't seem strange, poring through your archive and hearting practically everything, but your art is just addicting, and inspiring. How did you learn to sew, and did you find it came naturally to you? What came first, clothing or watercolours?

Not at all my darling! Thank you haha, ok! my painting came first, I’ve always painted, it seems to run in the family! Sewing on the other hand took lots of time and patience to learn (self taught and about half a year at a sewing course which I dropped out of haha) though beading and embroidery comes easily as its just another medium to paint a picture in :D

My sister seems to have a more natural way with fabrics though, you should check out her work! http://celenebridge.tumblr.com

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Q: You're so talented! Plus you're from Perth too 😊

Aww thanks lovely :) yippie! Town buddies!

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Q: Not shallow

hehehe <3

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